Brand advocates are people who promote your company. And who better to speak for your brand than the people behind it? They are the ones who know the ins and outs of your company. They are the people who work tirelessly to bring out the best for the company. And quite frankly, they are the brand. They are the reason why your brand stays standing.

It is time for marketing to focus their attention on the employees who can become your next brand advocates. It is time to motivate your team to represent your brand to the rest of the world. But in a landscape that values authenticity and genuine connection, how do you motivate these advocates to speak of their true experience of the brand? Simple, fire them up through these 5 ways. 

  1. Keep them in the know about the company

Advocates can’t promote something they don’t know. This simple step is often overlooked by many companies. To give each employee a sense of involvement in the brand, it is important to keep them informed on pertinent movements in the company. Regularly looping in each employee must include activities being done across departments. With a knowledgeable group of advocates, they will find it easier to promote your brand, speak out about it, and maybe even answer questions that the market has. 

  1. Recognition goes a long way

Notice the individuality of each employee and honor them for the quality of their work. Make them proud to be a part of the company that sees their value as employees and contributors to your brand. Their brand love can spur from their love for working for the company. By recognizing their involvement, you show them that they are what makes the brand possible. This could lead them to boast of the company they belong to.

  1. Incentives never hurt

Even if you make shareable content, you may still need to push your employees to promote your brand on their social media accounts. Provide incentives for them to share content and speak about the brand. Provide points and prizes for each social media effort that they would do.

  1. Make communication a two-way street

Find an avenue to better relate to your employees. Make sure they are heard. Opening a line of communication gives your employees an opportunity to take ownership of the brand and witness their involvement in the growth of the brand. Streamline communication by creating a designated avenue for each employee to speak to their superiors, colleagues, and human resources when they need to. 

  1. Flaunt your company culture

Shared attitudes, practices, and goals embody your company’s personality. This is your company culture. It speaks of the mindset engrained in each employee leading to the behavior of the organization, how they relate to each other within the company and how the company represents itself as an organization to the world around them. Find more ways to inculcate this culture throughout your company’s processes to better manage the environment of your workplace. This will give each employee an understanding of their company, what is expected of them, and how the company protects them.

Another thing that can be done is to showcase the trust that you have for your employees by letting them talk about how your company runs. These first hand sources of how you run your company can speak waves about the heart of the brand. 

Motivate each employee to become brand advocates through these 5 suggestions. Although this is a daunting task for any company to take on, we are here to provide you with a single solution to accomplish these 5 suggestions. Learn more about Voca and see how we help you make brand advocates out of your employees.