Turn your employees into

Amplify your marketing through an excited group of employee advocates.

Communicate and engage with your employees and create an amazing culture.

Provide opportunities for learning and help your employees grow.

Let your employees share your
company’s content with their friends

Employee social accounts give you a captive audience! Create meaningful connections with your audience by coursing your message through the people they know. Your employee’s social media is truly the goldmine you’ve been sitting on!

Reward your employees for sharing content

Encourage more shares from your advocates by giving them exciting rewards!

Improve Internal & External Communication

Voca improves both internal and external communication. We provide a space for you to be heard by your entire company and create avenues for them to be heard by you.

The app that


Improve your company’s performance by creating employee advocates, improving communication, and fostering employee growth.


Streamline communication. Voca creates a space just for your company where all posts and messages can be seen.

Content Sharing

One tap is all it takes! We have made company content easy to share so that more employees can be brand advocates.

Rewards Points

Make advocacy fun! Sustain engagement from your employee advocates by giving them exciting gifts for every share.

Rewards Catalog

We provide digital rewards that would entice EVERYONE to join in on your brand advocacy program.


Communicate with Video. Use videos to convey your message to your employees in an engaging way.

Data Analytics

Interested in the numbers? We give you the data you need to understand your employees’ performance.

Acknowledged Post

Make sure that employees read important announcements you’ve put out and keep everyone on the same page. 


Create information pages, articles, or memos using a simple drag and drop tool to easily create content. 

E-Learning Catalog

Company growth starts with employee growth! Allow each employee to improve their skills through self-paced courses.


Engage employee advocates! Let them unlock levels and collect badges for every act of advocacy!

Quick Links

Put everything in one place.  Make it convenient for your employees to access your other systems through Voca.  


Extend the features of Voca through integration and customization to optimize the experience for your company.

Discover how to unlock your employees’ true potential